Happy Deid Mum day

Nine years ago today, Folkestone took care of Grace Muir Hamilton nee Robinson.



Three witches

Well to be fair all the women in my Mums family were a bit mad.  Proper mad that is.  Not just peculiar.  One of them was actually certified and carried away to the loony bin in a straight-jacket.  They held grudges for decades so you very rarely saw more than 2 of them at any one tie.  So here’s a rare photo from when they were too old to remember what they’d fallen out about.  I think it was taken at my Auntie Margarets 80th birthday but as I’d fallen out with my Mum at the time I can’t be 100% sure.  They’re aw lang deid noo anyways so it disnae really matter.  From left to right, Grace Hamilton, Eva Martin and Margaret Early  – three of the Robinson sisters.


My deid Irish mammy

So it’s Mothers Day and all that.  My mother was;

Grace Muir Robinson

BIRTH 25 SEP 1929 • 122 Bonnington Road, Leith
DEATH 29 MAY 2008 • Hotel Burstin, Folkestone

And here she in in her 1950’s prime on the left of the photo at a works night out.


And glamming it up again.  Second on the right, with my Dad on the right.


Gone but not forgotten.

My Mum in the Women’s Auxiliary Air Force

She was a bit too young for the war but when she was 17 my Mum, Grace Muir Hamilton nee Robinson lied about her age and tried to sign up to the Air Force.  Of course, she got found out but when my grandparents realised how keen she was they signed the forms and off she went to the Women’s Auxiliary Air Force.

And here’s a picture of my Mum when she was in the WAAFs. She’s third from right, in the back row. Looks like her and her pals were heading out from RAF Wilmslow for a night oot. Probably Blackpool. This would have been around about 1947/48.

She loved it in the WAAF but that may have be due to the fact that she seemed to spend most of her time flying around Europe to play in tennis tournaments!


Party, party, party with the Robinsons

The Robinsons knew how to have a good time.  And here’s Evelyn (Eva) Robinson, fourth from right front row, with her brother William Robinson (my Uncle Bill), second from left, sometime in the early fifties.

My Mums sister Eva, married Jimmy Martin, and had three children, two of them died young.  Valerie died from bronchitis, aged 9 months and Leonard died aged 19 after an accident on a building site.  As far as I know her son Jimmy (Young Jim) is still around, although I last saw him at my Mums funeral in 2008.

Eva died in 2003, aged 84, Bill died in 2005, aged 77.

RIP, Uncle Ernie

RIP, Ernest John Robert Smith
Birth 01 Apr 1926 in Gorgie, Edinburgh, Scotland
Death 16 July 2015 in California, USA

My Uncle Ernie, my Mums brother in law, and widower of Mary Teresa Robinson passed away a few months ago at the age of 89.

I only met him a couple of times, back when I were a lad, but my Mum and Dad always spoke kindly of him.  My condolences go out to his daughters, my cousins, and his granddaughters.  He’s pictured below with my Auntie Terry, Thanksgiving 1983.

Ernest John Robert Smith

Here’s a curio! I don’t know why, but I’ve got a copy of an affadavit from 1952, relating to my Uncle Ernie, who married my Mums sister Terry Robinson. See the scan below. It says;

Edinburgh Scotland
May — 1952

To whom it may concern

I —— am a personal friend of the parents of the bearer of this letter, Ernest John Roberts Smith, late of 5 Parkhead View, Edin, now residing at 3227 East 3rd St. Long Beach, California, USA. I have known Mr E J R Smith since infancy and I hereby attest that to the best of my knowledge he attended Gorgie Elementary School, Tynecastle Secondary School and that he completed his education at Saughton Secondary School by attending night classes, graduating early in 1943 just prior to joining the Royal Navy.

Yours truly

There’s no name or signature, so it must have been for someone to fill in the blanks.

Ernest John Robert Smith letter