Granny Robinson’s domestic service

My Gran, Mary Agnes Evelyn MUIR, married Edward ROBINSON in 1916 at the Sacred Heart in Lauriston, Edinburgh. Her Dad was a shoemaker, who had shops around town, but like many of her generation, she was in domestic service when she got married.

One of his shops was just along the road in William Street (its now Herbies sandwich shop – pic at bottom), so it was probably one of his customers who gave her a job.

Spookily, I moved to a new office, just before I started doing all this family history stuff, and had, unwittingly, walked past her old place of work a good few times. She was in service, in Walker Street, in the building pictured below. It’s the house with the black door, pictured below. She lived in, while in service, so one of those pokey wee windaes on the top floor would have been hers.

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Herbie West End sandwich shop


The Robinson grandparents

My mammys mam and dad.  The one legged, shoemaker Grandad and his wife.

Edward Robinson Birth 1892 in Glasgow, Lanarkshire Death 01 Apr 1962 in Edinburgh St Andrew, Midlothian, Scotland and Mary Agnes Evelyn Muir Birth 31 Jan 1894 in 16 East Preston Street, Edinburgh Death 02 Jun 1959 in Ayr

L to R, cousin Edward (Bettes boy), my Mum, Gran and Granddad, Edward and Evelyn Robinson


Gran – Evelyn Robinson, with one of Evas children in Pennywell Road


L to R, my Mum, Gran and Granddad, Evelyn and Edward Robinson


Edward and Evelyn Robinson


My Mum, Gran and Edward, along with Grace, from Sri Lanka, one of many students who lodged with my Gran in Pennywell.


Not grandparents at all, these are my great grandparents, on my mother’s mother’s side, the Muirs. Another family mystery to be solved there, what with my Gran being the black sheep of the family, and what happened to the considerable wealth her mother acquired in property and cobblers shops. As well as Evelyn, my Gran, there were two sons, Andrew and George. George died before my time, but I remember visiting my Uncle Andrew at Greenleas old peoples home, as a boy. My Mum and I were the only people at his funeral in the early eighties.


Here’s one of my Gran, Evelyn Robinson, in her nursing class. She trained as a nurse during WWII.


On the back of this picture it says “Granny” and “Mum” in my Mums handwriting. So I’m assuming it is my Great-Grandmother on the Robinson side. Which would make it;

Catherine HEALY (RIN: -12813098), daughter of James HEALY and Catherine MADDEN , was born 12 October 1869 in Glasgow. She died 31 October 1946 in 29 Panmure Place, Edinburgh, Scotland.


This formidable woman is a bit of a mystery, as only the words “Daddys Sister”. However, age, and circumstance would seem to indicate that it’s one of my Great Grandfathers sisters, as yet unidentified.