Three witches

Well to be fair all the women in my Mums family were a bit mad.  Proper mad that is.  Not just peculiar.  One of them was actually certified and carried away to the loony bin in a straight-jacket.  They held grudges for decades so you very rarely saw more than 2 of them at any one tie.  So here’s a rare photo from when they were too old to remember what they’d fallen out about.  I think it was taken at my Auntie Margarets 80th birthday but as I’d fallen out with my Mum at the time I can’t be 100% sure.  They’re aw lang deid noo anyways so it disnae really matter.  From left to right, Grace Hamilton, Eva Martin and Margaret Early  – three of the Robinson sisters.



Margaret Robinson

Margaret Robinson

My Auntie Margaret, Margaret Robinson (Birth 25 Apr 1916, Death 04 Feb 2003) was the eldest of the Robinson sisters. She married Sonny (Francis Early) and had a daughter also called Margaret (who married Peter and who is still in Edinburgh). She didn’t have much to do with us, and I don’t really recall ever meeting her. I’m pretty sure I was in her house once, but I must have been very young. Here she is pictured with Uncle Bill.